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FEEDS - Livestock, Equine, Poultry, Game


We can provide EATING apples all year round in approximately 4kg nets. These were introduced as an alternative to carrots during the summer and almost all of our customers have both delivered during our "carrot season".  Horses - and their owners - love them! Our Apples are straight from the tree and not to be confused with inferior supermarket rejects-look for the supermarket stickers on the fruit!


During the season, which usually runs from early September to early May, we collect a bulk load of quality carrots every week. These are then sorted on our farm grading system, with the surplus sold on as stock feed and the best carrots put into approx. 12kg orange nets. These are sold by the net, to trade and retail customers in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and South-East of England.  Prices depend on quantity and delivery distance, reflecting the better quality carrots we purchase but are always competitive.


A favourite for horses, sheep etc., and again are available for the trade and retail market.


As well as apples, carrots and parsnips, we stock a full range of horse feed including:
Baileys, Dodson & Horrell, Spillers, Dengie, Allen & Page and we are a Charnwood Stockist.

A full selection of straights are available, including bran, oats, micronised barley, maize, Linseed meal, Seaweed etc.


We are able to supply the full range of Farmgate Poultry Feeds and our Farmgate layers pellets are very popular locally and easily recognised in the green bag.
Our Farmgate Classic Mixed Poultry Corn is the best we have seen and includes Whole Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Crushed Wheat, Black Sunflowers and Soya Bean Oil.
This is our Top Selling Mixed Corn and well worth the extra cost, but is still cheaper than some competitors standard product.
We supply several Farm Shop retail outlets with Farmgate layers pellets in 1 tonne lots at very competitive prices.

TURKEY FEEDS are available in bags or bulk at very competitive prices. Ask for a quote.

We also have a large range of Poultry Drinkers and Feeders, both in plastic and galvanised as well as leg rings to identify your birds and fencing and electric energisers to keep them in.


We can supply a full range of Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Pig and Poultry feed.
We supply several retail outlets with Poultry and Pig feed.
Also Chicken, Turkey and Duck products, including Layers Pellets/mash, mixed corn together with Oyster Shell and Flint grit.
Game pellets from breeder to holding are available.
We are merchants for the full range of BOCM PAULS (now re-named ForFarmers) livestock feeds. Whether you require Ewe and Lamb nuts, Milk powder, Beef grower nuts, Dairy cow rations or just Straights and Minerals, give us a call with your requirements. We can supply most feed in bags or bulk and currently have a twice weekly delivery service.


We can supply a selection of game feeds including MARSDENS and CARTA CARNA

Please contact us for a competitive quotation or to enquire about any of these products.