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Wild Birds


A great selection of WILD BIRD SEEDS are available including Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts, Peanut Nibs, Black Sunflowers and Niger Seed - to name a few.

The above straight feeds can be purchased from us in pallet loads or are available in bag sizes from 1kg to 25kg from our shops. Special offers are often available for 20kg-25kg bulk bags in our shops. Please ask in shop for details.

We have some unusual WILD BIRD MIXES in our SHOPS such as GOLDFINCH & SISKIN mix, GREENFINCH mix, BULLFINCH mix, ROBIN & SONGBIRD mix, NO MESS mix and many more.

Even our very popular standard WILD BIRD SEED contains numerous different seeds as well as soya oil and aniseed oil-but is still wheat free.

Bird tables and accessories also available.


Caged Birds

We are Stockists of the Country Wide range of Bird Mixtures and usually have the following mixes in stock:

Best Budgie 50/50;  Budgie Tonic;  Premium Canary + Yellow Biscuit;  VAM Canary Breeders Mix;  No Rape Canary Breeders Mix;  Australian Grass Parakeet/Lovebird(Good Aviary Mix);  British Finch;  Foreign Finch;  Deluxe Foreign Finch;  Goldfinch & Siskins Mix;  Greenfinch Mix;  Bullfinch Mix; Parrot;  Parrot Super Deluxe + Fruit. 



We are Stockists of the Country Wide range of PIGEON CORN, contact us for details.
Stock examples are:

Breed & Wean;  Super Young Bird No Maize;  Trapping & Conditioning;  Popcorn Elite;  Irish Mix;  High Protein Low Cost;  All Rounder.